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20th April 2022

Artisan Coffee with a social cause ~ a New IHis CSR project

mission | 

To (a) provide a means for our beneficiaries to earn a living and to (b) create a sustainable business, by (c) serving fresher, better quality products to our customers

vision | 

To create a community to help genuine over-comers start a new mindset & life by providing them a positive and conducive work environment.

Quality Beans

Nothing is more important than investing in quality beans. Understanding the key varietal traits, processing methods and the origin, does open up a treasure cove of skills in spotting   unmatched exotic flavours.

Fury Roast

We Roast our own beans, carefully controlling multi-facet parameters. Watching the development with a hawk-like eyes are non-other than our beans connoisseur: Mr Vignash.

Masterful Brewing

The technic of delivery is maintained by TCE's coffee master mr matthew poh. He is Singapore's leading ASEAN barista trainer and his mentor is the legendary, Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge™

All Professionals

All our baristas are professional and passionate coffee lovers. 

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